XZERO has developed proprietary technology for the manufacture and recycle of UPW that removes all contaminants efficiently, even the smallest (sub-20 nano) nanoparticles.

The equipment is called LastRinse and will reduce scrapping and increase yield rates.

As a general guideline 30 – 40 litres of UPW are used to wash every component (chip). One factory may use up to 10 million litres of UPW per day. The use in the nanoelectronics (semiconductor) industry worldwide is several billion litres per day. The total number of semiconductor manufacturing companies worldwide are a few hundred. Each one may have several factories at different locations.

LastRinse offers the following advantages
Lower cost
Less maintenance
Consistent purity
Zero discharge

450 mm wafer

Electron microscope image of a contaminated IC, magnified 7500 times

A typical sterile environment of built-in “wet-bench” for wafer rinsing

Chip after cutting of wafer

Chip after mounting