News for the first half of 2020

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The sad news is that our CEO Vinay Chand has deceased. He held various positions in Xzero from the start and was before then employed by Scarab as marketing manager.

Miriam Åslin has been appointed as acting CEO and we have engaged Andreas Törnblom as Head of Business Development. Andreas was recruited from Transrail Sweden AB where he served as CEO. Our main task at the moment is to deliver test equipment for test and evaluation to imec. Although the bulk of the equipment has been ready for a long time, the manufacture of the core component has been delayed several times by different technical difficulties. At the moment these difficulties seem to have been resolved and we expect to deliver the test equipment after the summer.

In the mean-time we have received an order from an international company to build a lab equipment for the manufacture of reference water. Instead of just building one we have, after having studied the market, decided to develop a commercial equipment that can also be sold to other advanced labs. The equipment will first be delivered for test by our first customer in 2020 and then launched on the market in 2021. We have also planned an expansion of our sales of our Type1 reference water in small volume containers and arranged for this product to be sold on the Internet. Our annual meeting will be held on the 21st of October and there will be informal meetings in Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö in October. The annual meeting is for registered shareholders. The informal meetings are open to anyone interested. All information will be presented in Swedish.